Thursday, 7 February 2008

So If You're Crazy I Don't Care You Amaze Me

Thanks for the nice "you're not crazy, you're normal! no really!" comments left regarding my wedding angst. I've now moved on to worrying about more pressing matters, like how am I going to have sleekly toned arms if I can't lift weights? I can use my left arm but my right is still out of commission. I guess I'll have to tone my left arm and make sure that all the photographs I'm in are taken from my left side.

I'm going to the Okanagan this weekend for my girlfriend's birthday. I am very excited to see K because we only get to see each other a few times a year. I am not so excited for the freezing weather. Every summer I go the Okanagan and I decide that I want to live there. It's sunny and hot and there are so many lakes and beaches. Then I go in the winter and decide that actually I am a wimp and if I can't handle Vancouver's weather, I definitely could not handle the Okanagan in the winter.

I haven't gushed about my puppy lately, so I figure I'm due. Because still photographs do not accurately portray just how adorable Stella really is, I've now resorted to video. I really am that lame.

S dropped a kernel of corn and Stella spent a good 10 minutes hunting it down and eventually devouring it (4 minutes of which I managed to record.) I've edited it down to about a minute and a half. You're welcome.


  1. Such a cute video--I love Stella's stop, drop and roll approach.

    As far as sleek-a-fying your arm that's not 100%? Try some strategic shading with a bronzing powder. Hey, it works for Mariah Carey's "no-work-out-six-pack".

  2. Have fun up here this weekend!