Sunday, 24 February 2008

As Free As The Wind Blows As Free As The Grass Grows

I had a fabulous weekend. The blue sky and sunshine tricked us into thinking that winter is over (but the grey sky and possible rain this morning has reminded us it's only February.) S and I took Stella for a walk with his mom and her dog. She doesn't live that far away from us but it's like an entirely different world. Stella is used to walking on pavement - the wooded trails and beach were a whole new experience for her.

Stella was tuckered out from all the fresh air and exercise.

Saturday night we had friends over for chili and the hockey game. The Canucks managed to eke out a win and Stella was almost well-behaved in front of the company so it was a good night.

I was supposed to write a paper this weekend but I couldn't justify being in front of a computer while it was so nice and sunny out. Really I'm just a procrastinator. And a bit boring, judging from this post. When we moved from downtown we thought we'd continue our downtown life just with more transit. It has not turned out that way at all. Maybe we're growing up.


  1. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a lazy weekend. Little Stella is sooo cute! :)

  2. Okay, your dog is seriously adorable!

    It was indeed a glorious weekend. I spent a reasonable amount of time outdoors, and it was so nice to see the sun. It looks like it's trying to come out this morning, so hopefully it will make up its mind to do so.

  3. Isn't it funny how getting around to writing a paper is so tough and writing as the mood strikes is so effortless?

    I can't believe how Stella has grown just in the last few weeks. Crazy!! Next thing you know, she'll be graduating from college and getting married...

  4. growing up isn't so bad - speaking from a house that's almost in suburbia.