Monday, 11 February 2008

Just Remember In The Winter Far Beneath The Bitter Snows Lies The Seed That With The Sun's Love In The Spring Becomes The Rose

This is what the Okanagan looks like in the summertime. This is why I want to live there:

This is what the Okanagan looks like in February. This is why I couldn't survive living there:

I had a really great weekend with K, apart from drinking way too much Saturday night and feeling like I was going to die on Sunday. We went to a local pub - Woody's (seriously) - and got a bit "shmammered" as K put it. We were the jerks heckling the karaoke singers and trying not to tip over the shot glass pyramid (we made it to 23 shot glasses before some jackass came over to chat us up and ended up knocking the whole thing down.) I know I shouldn't judge the karaoke singers because I'm not brave enough to go up and do it. But the thing is, I know that I'm a crappy singer. I don't sing karaoke because I know it would be painful for everyone involved. So it's not so much being scared as it is being self-aware. There was this one lady who kept going up to sing even though I'm pretty sure she was tone deaf. Could she not tell that everyone cringed when she went up to the microphone? Someone actually booed while she was singing The Rose (it wasn't me or K, I promise.) Sunday morning K's neighbour had a gas emergency in her house so her 6-year old daughter and 4-year old son came over. For 6 hours. Add that to K's 1-year old and you've got one noisy house. By Sunday afternoon we were both prostrate on the couch, begging K's fella to go on a McDonald's run (he did.)

I had so much fun with K. It was really nice to get away for the weekend and not have to worry about work or school or anything wedding related (and by "wedding related" I mean "mother related" but that's a whole different story.)


  1. Welcome Back!

    I LOVE the summer photos. Notsomuch the winter ones. I feel your pain. I live in a state where we had a temp of -45 last week. Actual. Temp. No wind involved.

    I cannot go to a karaoke bar for the same reason that I hit the mute button about 50 times every half hour when watching the American Idol auditions. I get embarrassed for them--especially the ones that don't know they SHOULD be embarrassed.

  2. I had to put on a jacket after looking at these pictures.