Tuesday, 9 March 2010

When I See The Apple In Disguise Oh My Love I Can Recognize

My new iPhone was activated yesterday and I am already smitten. It does so much! I am overwhelmed by the possibilities. I'm still unsure about my ability to use the iPhone (she remains nameless until I determine her personality) without dropping it into a mug of coffee, though, so my first priority is to get a protective case to (hopefully) negate any damage I may inflict. There are so many cases out there; I need help choosing the best one. What case do you use? Do you love it / hate it for any particular reason? Did you purchase the Apple Protection Plan? Would you recommend that I buy it? (Please keep in mind that I had my blackberry for a year and I managed to drop it in a mug of coffee, drench it in alfredo sauce, drop it down a flight of concrete stairs, etc.)

As for the fun stuff, what apps do you suggest?

I am an iPhone rookie, peeps. I need all the help I can get.


  1. I bought an Otterbox for mine. It is not pretty or fashionable or the least bit hip - but hey, I have TWO kids and my phone routinely gets kicked, thrown, chewed on, dripped on, and sat on. Also, I live in Portland and often take it running - and that means it gets exposed to water alot.

    As far as apps, I don't use many. The only one I L.O.V.E is the Nike+ application - use it daily.

    I have heard there is one that puts mustaches on photos you take. Bet, you'd like that one. :)

  2. my bf has THE BEST iphone game in the history of the world. i was skeptical at first, because it's pretty simple, but omfg as soon as anyone tries it they are addicted for HOURS. doodle jump!

  3. oh yay! welcome to the world of iphone :)

    i love shazam, scramble, popsugar and the yelp app, all very useful and fun.

  4. Oh geez. I'm so boring. I have a fold-over faux-leather case that protects my iPod Touch's screen when it's closed (I'm a toss-it-in-your-bag-and-go kind of girl and I knew it would get trashed).

    And my apps are very sedate. I have the CBC app, one for Mahjong (Moonlight Lite), I Can Has Cheezburger, and a handy little unit conversion app (don't know what the heck 75 Fahrenheit is? look it up!). I'm always having to convert inches into centimeters, so it made sense.

    Oh and I've never bought an app - all of mine are free.

  5. I love my case... it is by iFrogz. You can get it here: http://ifrogz.com/ but I got mine on ebay for a fraction of the price.

    I don't have the apple care plan, but it could be a good investment for a coffee/alfredo lover like yourself.


  6. I only order my iPhone stuff from dealsextreme.com It's super cheap, direct from China, free shipping. It just takes a few weeks to get here. I have 5 or so cases that I switch between. You definitely need a screen protector too (you can buy a 2 pack for $2 or so on deals extreme.

    Apps wise, Facebook, Google, unit converter are my favs. I don't really play games on my phone, so I don't have anything fun :) There's always the starbucks finder and timmy finder which are T's favourites :)

    Have fun with your new toy! Don't worry, mine iPhone has been fairly sturdy so far. I've dropped it (from decent heights!) many times and it doesn't even have a scratch.

  7. iPhone love!! :)

    I like Tweetie for twitter. I also have the FML and TFLN apps. And Text Twist is a fun game if you like that sort of thing

  8. Oooh a new phone! That's exciting, let me know how it goes - I almost got one like that recently after I dropped mine in the bath but I'm HORRIBLE with learning how to use new technology, haha :)

  9. I am so jealous. I want to smash my berry into a million pieces.

  10. I have a boring black case, but both Ali and Metalia have blinged-out ones that make me think I should visit a mall kiosk and switch mine up.

  11. I'm jealous --- AT&T coverage in my area makes the iphone impractical for phone use if indoors or anywhere near metal... but having a blackberry that has had a similarly traumatic existence, I would go for whichever one most closely resembles waterproof chain maille. Have fun!

  12. AT&T's coverage SUCKS ASS, so I refuse to get an iPhone (AT&T is the only company in the states providing the iPhone).

    I do have a smart phone, though, with a clear, hard protective cover. I love it.

    And look into the Shaazam app. The phone listens to a song and identifies name and artist. Then again, you're already pretty good with your music. =)