Monday, 29 March 2010

And Somehow In All The Madness I Thought That I was Seeing Straight It Ain't Always Pretty But It Seemed There Was No Other Way

I am having a spectacularly rotten day today. I keep thinking that things can only improve; Monday keeps proving me wrong. So far I have cried in my doctor's office (because instead of the mean doctor I got the kind doctor and she was so lovely and nice to me and I was feeling so horrid that I cried), at the lab after my blood test (because the technician was a bit evil and I bled for five minutes after she mangled my vein), and three times in the bathroom at work (because I just want to be at home in bed.) I'm not usually a crier. I'm more of a get mad and rant and rave and swear til I'm blue in the face-er. Today I am a weepy, snuffly mess. It is ridiculous.

At some point it will get better. I know this. It's just ... right now I'm alternating between feeling sorry for myself and feeling angry at myself for being such a whiny mess. Fun times, right?

This is where you come in, peeps. Tell me about your own terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day to remind me that I've actually got it pretty good. Everyone who comments is entered to win these silly mustache cupcake toppers from my etsy shop.

Winner will be announced on Friday (and will likely be chosen by because picking a winner makes me anxious.)


  1. well last week was a pretty horrible no good week for me but the day that did it was when my computer died and it couldn't be saved and then i took my car in for an oil change and $875 later it was all done. shoot me now. so not the way to start a day.

    but i hope your day and week get a million times better!

  2. I've probably got better (worse?) stories than this, but yesterday I arrived at a colleague's house (I'm dogsitting) to find that I lost her key, and there were two holes larger than my fist in the exterior of the house and A LOT insulation all over the nice little convertible parked next to the house.

    So that conversation was pretty sweet. "Hi, I'm at the house and the dogs are going bananas. I've lost your key, so can you tell me your garage code? Oh, and by the way, there are two large holes in your house which are leaking insulation onto your convertible. How are you?"

  3. Well, let's see, today I woke up unable to breathe out of my nose and it hurts when I swallow, and there is way too much Gross coming out of my chest and my nose and it also monsoon rained this morning and while I was out buying Kleenex I immersed my entire right foot in a puddle.

    So I'm watching Harry Potter to make myself feel better. If only wands and Dumbledores were real.

    (And mustache cake-toppers? You are a girl after my own heart. Have you seen my site? I'm so bringing felt mustaches to Tequila Con next month.)

  4. Well, there was that whole day where my Mom ripped me to shreds for three hours straight. I still haven't talked to her and don't know if I will...

    Loving the toppers, and loving that my two mustache-loving friends get to meet at Tequilacon. Woo!

  5. I am a teacher and I lost my job for next year thanks to budget cuts. So, yeah, that sucks, but today I returned to work after two weeks of spring break and had to endure teachers who DO have a job bitching and moaning about how bad next year is going to be. And yeah, they can kiss my ass.

  6. Oh!! I love your cupcake toppers! =D

    For what it's worth, fits and starts of crying and panic were my whole last week- but I finally was able to pull out of my tail spin and move forward and the calm on the other side has been amazing. You WILL get there, lady and I'm always here if you need me <3

  7. Ugh. I hope you feel better soon. I spent all weekend moping on the couch with the flu, my kleenex and my vitamin C bottle. It's a pathetic existence.

  8. Sorry to hear about your crummy day ... I was never a crier until about 2.5 years ago ... nowadays it feels like the waterworks are on more often than they're off. I don't want to be considered for the contest but I've been having anxiety attacks pretty much constantly for the last few months ... anything has got to feel better than that.

  9. I just can't bear to go into the drama and tedium of details, but I kind of hate my brother right now and even though it's terrible karma, wouldn't mind if his wife got hit by a truck. I'm trying not to actually wish it on her (but only because of karma). But I did ask Nick if one of the ex-cons he worked construction with in NJ all those years ago might be willing to beat someone up or break their kneecaps.

    How's that for me being a terrible person?

  10. I can't think of a particularly bad day lately, just some lame-ass shit that's going on; debating going back to school (what should I take? work part-time? work full-time, school part-time? sweet jesus I will have to SELL MY BEAUTIFUL CAR! how can I afford life) and realizing work is sucking my will to live and I have to find something new.
    BUT, I want you to know, that this week can only get better, since you're now 20% closer to Friday!

  11. In college, I was having a spectacularly horrible day; too much work, not enough sleep, etc, etc. The crappy cherry on top of the crappy day was when I went to a professor to ask for an extension on a project and was told no.

    What made this day exception was how I dealt with it. I, too, was feeling weepy and sorry for myself. I went back to my dorm, took off my baby-blue fuzzy sweater and barrettes, and put on a black lacy, punky dress with a pair of pink Chucks. And suddenly, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I was ready to kick this shitty day's ass.

  12. I'm sorry for your shitty day, and for (what my favorite college professor used to call) the "public displays of weeping."

    My baby joined you in crying; she was INCONSOLABLE during dinner last night - I thought she was just being difficult so I was being a hard-ass and letting her cry, but then once she started sobbing so hard she couldn't catch her breath, we realized it was teething. You know, INCREDIBLY PAINFUL teething. I felt like such a heartless jackass. Mama FAIL.

  13. Oh love I'm so sorry - those days are the worst, and I wish I could just give you a big hug. The weekend before last was spectacularly awful, with "friends" turning their backs on me and showing their true colours - it was beyond hurtful, and a few days were filled with tears, but making the choice to focus on the positives and take action to fill life with more of that has been incredible - I've found it astonishing how powerful making the choice can be. I'll be praying for good things for you, miss, and I promise things will feel better soon x

  14. CUPCAKE TOPPERS! oh my goodness! LOVE!

    this has inspired me to don my own mustache (of yours) here at the office. aaaand now it has made me british. cheerio!

  15. I have this great, fancy new job that gave me a 35% raise. Sounds awesome, right? But I now commute 2 hours a day and lost my 2 days a week of working from home. The changes have been SO hard on my marriage. My husband's job (nurse) is cutting hours right and left due to budget issues, and he's miserable. We're considering ditching everything here and moving somewhere far away to start anew. If only we hadn't bought a house in Sept....

  16. One time, I fell through a deck. It was being redone, I forgot, opened the door and ran outside, stepped right between two pieces of wood and fell down 3 stories.
    And this other time, I fell off a deck. A big dog I was playing with on a deck (that was also being redone, I really need to stay away from home improvement) barked which frightened me and I jumped back a bit, wound up falling 2 stories onto a cement pad & was rushed to the hospital as my head was swollen and bleeding. Awesome.
    Also, I've had my ear cut open by a skate. And my dad and I nearly died driving back to Vancouver from Calgary in the middle of a storm as he used the windshield washer spray thing, it froze, and we couldn't see out the windshield.

    My emotions are usually in check, but my body goes through a horrible beating nearly every day. Hoping things start to get better for you!!

  17. Um... I am having a freakishly good week, so I am not entering the contest, but I can't decide whether your bangs or your cupcake topper is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

    As for everyone else - I'm sending mental hugs to all of you.

  18. Ah, this was awhile back but people would laugh at this... I got pretty sick, had a hard time dealing with my roommate since she decided with 4 days notice that she was going to leave the country... replaced her with a belimic. ya...Almost lost my job, boyfriend dumped me for someone else, then tried to retract a month later when he figured it was a mistake (i didn't go back), was dumped by one of my best friends due to back and forth with the ex, then got fired. It alllll turned out for the best in the end, in more than incredible ways - but at the time? I think I cried for months.
    Life is SOOO much better now though!

  19. Oh, I think I'll just point you over to this post: where I wrote about probably my worst day ever but it will hopefully make you laugh. :)

  20. This week sucks ballz for me:

    -My crappy part-time job (part of which involves cleaning litter boxes each day)realized they paid me twice by accident in November (which I didn't realize either) and so NO PAYCHECK for the end of March

    -Today at the same crappy job I backed an access van (which I sometimes drive for the woman I work for, who's in a wheel chair) into an Audi. Big fucking dent on the door, and guess what - my job doesn't have auto insurance so it comes out of my pocket

    Good news though:

    -3 more days of this crappy job and then I start a new one, in an actual office, with no cat poop (I hope)


    Love! Love! Love!

    My bad day entailed the same two paragraphs being edited four different times throughout two days. This is my life. :)