Friday, 4 December 2009

Twisted Diamond Heart I'm The Weekend Warrior

This weekend I will:

nibble on tiny little baby fingers when a good friend visits with her 7-month old bundle of love.

quell my ovaries' treacherous longing by spending time with her almost-3-year old bundle of piss and vinegar.

bake Angella's whipped shortbread (and hopefully whip up some Christmas spirit while I'm at it.)

finish the Christmas stockings I'm making for Shawn's and my stocking stuffer gift exchange.

set up an etsy shop so I can sell my moose-tash keychains.

party like a rockstar to celebrate a lovely lady's birthday.

recuperate from said partying with a Special Ladies' Christmas Brunch and Book Exchange (which is being held at my place. Tomorrow morning. Even though I have not yet cleaned my messy kitchen or bought any food. Eh, details.)

try not to spill anything on myself or swear too much at the Vancouver BlogHer Christmas party. If you're planning to be there, say hi! I will be the socially awkward one with bad hair.

What's on the agenda for your weekend?


  1. I have a very hard time imagining you as socially awkward. But maybe try not to show anyone your bum.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Your weekend sounds like it's going to be lovely. Take pics, drink tons and report back with stories. Oh, and I cannot wait to get my own moos-tache!

  3. Sounds like you'll be a busy bee!

    Have fun! :)

  4. I wish I lived close enough to go to the BlogHer Christmas party!

    I haven't done any Christmas baking yet. I should get on that.

  5. Please send/post your Etsy site! I need those Moose-tash keychains for a few stocking stuffers!!

  6. I plan to Christmas shop totally via internet this weekend. I am sick and do not wish to leave the house. God how I love technology!

  7. I agree with Danielle - post the etsy shop please! David is insisting on growing an ACTUAL moustache for the Mexican-themed New Year's party we're going to, and ANY substitute would kind of make my world. :)

    Sounds like a fun weekend!

  8. Now that the weekend has passed, how the heck was it? As good as it sounds???