Friday, 9 July 2010

Tiny Little Hands Clapping

Shawn has his solo music project but he also joined a local band (Black Betty) a few months ago (side note: I love the new band. They kind of sound like Soundgarden + Ozzy.) Two days ago the band got a call from Live Nation asking if they would be interested in opening for Steel Panther at the Commodore. The Commodore Ballroom is somewhat of an institution in Vancouver. I would go so far as to say that it's the best place for live music in the city. It feels large - and attracts big name acts - but can actually only hold 900 people. It's a stepping stone - a step above playing in bars but a step below (albeit a large step) playing in arenas. Coldplay played their first North American gig at the Commodore. Lady Gaga played the Commodore in March 2009 and a year later returned to Vancouver to play at GM Place (tangent: GM Place was renamed Rogers Arena this week and ... no. Just no.) U2 played the Commodore in 1981. Playing the Commodore is kind of a big deal.Last night I watched Shawn fulfill his dream of playing on a big stage to a packed house of rowdy fans.
It doesn't matter that it was a rowdy crowd of Steel Panther fans. It doesn't matter that Black Betty was a last-minute fill-in for an opening band that bailed. All that matters is that all of his hard work paid off last night and I am so very proud of him.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so exciting for him! It's so cool to watch the people you love live their dreams! Congrats to him!

  2. Live Nation, that's big time! Tell the boy "Congrats!"

  3. This? Is just pure awesome. What an amazing accomplishment, indeed. Congrats to your Shawn!

  4. This is huge!! Tell him congrats from me, that's amazing :) :)

  5. "No. Just no." - MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY!

    So happy for both of you! Always amazing to hear about someone's dreams turning into reality.

  6. Awesomesauce!

  7. Way to go to Shawn! That's SO awesome. I love the commodore!

    Also - what the heck is with the Rogers place thing. Oy.


    That's **amazing** Hillary! Ah!! I'm kind of dying over here - it looks like an amazing time :)

    Congratulations to you guys, that must have been incredible!

  9. Wow! A 900-capacity venue?! Seriously so cool! Congrats to your boy! That is totally big time! YAY!

  10. That is SO RAD. I LOVE watching bands at the Commodore. Yay, Shawn!!

  11. Ginger: It was so exciting for him - it was so cool to see him live out a dream :)

    Stephanie: I will, thanks!

    Nilsa: It was totally awesome. I was a bit of a groupie.

    Emily: I will, thank you!!

    Mermanda: Thanks, lady :)

    Sam: Right? It will always be The Garage to me.

    J: Whoo!

    Meg: Definitely awesomesauce. Also awesomesauce? Meeting you soon!!

    xoxb: I love the Commodore too :)

    Kyla: It *was* incredible. It was so weird (in a good way!) to see him up on stage in front of a huge crowd.

    Sarah: Shh ... don't tell him that. Don't want his ego to get too big :)

    Angella: It was definitely rad. He had a perma-smile for days afterwards :)

  12. HOORAY!

    That is flippin sweet! As they say :)