Wednesday, 21 July 2010

And I Love That Little Game You Had Called Crying Lightning

Lightning bolts, in bullet points:

- My time with the Darth Vader mask has been extended for another 2 weeks.

- My follow up appointment to talk about the additional 2 weeks? Is in mid-September.

- The additional 2 weeks is necessary because of a data reporting error. Not because of anything I did, not because the Darth Vader mask is a feasible treatment option, but because the clinic needs a full month's worth of data.

- I finally went out and bought running shoes and started running. Things were going really well and I felt good so I (stupidly) pushed myself harder than I should have and now I have a stress fracture in my foot. Moral of the story: I am old. I should not exercise. Real moral of the story: I have no business running on concrete.

- My accounting final is on August 7th. Between now and August 7th I need to finish my 9th assignment, do all of the reading for the 10th module, complete the 10th assignment, and study for the exam. I am so behind and I have no one to blame but myself. Lightning! Bolt!

- Shawn and I have both been really busy lately and it's starting to affect how we treat each other. We've both been snappy and impatient and I'm not sure how to break the cycle. It's our anniversary on August 4th and I would love to go away for the weekend but my final is on the 7th and he's got a gig on the 6th and we work different work schedules (me: Monday - Friday, him: Tuesday - Saturday) so it's difficult for us to get away. August is going to be ridiculously busy for both of us and I'm worried that we're facing a bickery, hostile month.

- Shawn installed a dual-flush converter on our toilet so now there is a "small flush" button and a "big flush" button where there used to be a lever. We're going to conserve so much water and we're going to save the environment and aren't we fabulous people?! Except that I hate the dual-flush converter. You can't just flush the toilet anymore, you have to stand there and hold in the button until the toilet is finished flushing and I know, I KNOW, poor me having to spend 7 seconds flushing the toilet. I just hate it. I won't be shamed by this.

- Unbloggable family shite. People are crazy. That is all.


  1. Sorry but that last one had me laughing out loud :) My Dad got one of those dual flushers - there's something so unsatisfying about not having a lever to flush and just standing there pressing a button. Plus it makes it more obvious whether you were in there for number one or two because Big Button = Big Flushing lol

    I hear you on busyness = snappiness; the last few weeks with all the new work crazy + houseguests + silly contests have definitely left me a little more irritable than normal - I yelled at poor D yesterday morning for offering to go get my phone for me and had to remind myself to take a step back and breathe for a second!

    Let me know if you need an ear for family stuff? Thinking of you <3

  2. PS. Arctic Monkeys FTW

  3. My mom and step-dad got a new dual-flush toilet in their reno'd bathroom...but the lower setting doesn't actually get rid of anything. So even though you've only done #1, you have to do a #2 flush. Totally annoying.
    Can you guys take off somewhere for a Saturday night? Stay in a hotel right downtown, or in the valley? (I'm currently obsessed with Harrison, I want to retire there.) Then it's kind of like getting away, but without either of you taking days off?

  4. I say you should both play hookey on your actual anniversary and spend the day being nice to each other. Or, at least take half a day to be nice to each other. TWO YEARS is no small feat!

  5. I've never heard of a dual flusher, but the idea of being all, "Ohh, this is a big one! Better choose the big button!" really cracks me up.

    We get into cycles like this as well, and sometimes you're just too busy and too tired to be able to fix it right then and there. I think the fact that you recognize what's going on is huge.

    And yes, people are crazy. Remove yourself if you can, as much as you can, and breathe.

  6. Owch on the foot front! I hope it heals up quickly. Waiting to flush the toilet would drive me bonkers too. Unbloggable family drama is my life right now. Hope it subsides quickly (or you can get the heck outta it. I stopped answering my phone yesterday.)

  7. I recently had my first dual-flush toilet experience. Although, you didn't have to hold the handle or anything. Maybe this one was a newer model or something.

    Time and relationships blow.

  8. Hope August doesn't totally mess with ya and you get some quality time in with your dude.

  9. I never got a chance to comment on your previous Darth Vader mask post -- but oh my golly, that thing looks out of control! No wonder you can't sleep! Which is the point, right?! Argh! That is truly awful! I hope these two weeks go by super fast. Yikey bikey!

    Hope you and Shawn get a chance to get away ... even if just for a day trip? Or maybe could you take Monday off work? And do a Sunday/Monday mini-trip? Or he could take Saturday off? Hope something works out!

  10. crap! i just got a dual flush toilet, and i haven't installed it yet, but if i have to effing HOLD the button down for 7 seconds i will never pee at home ever again.