Monday, 21 June 2010

In Your Secret Garden There Is No One Who Gets The Key To Your Heart

My weekend started with a power outage that had me stuck on the train for an extra half hour, followed by a seizure that wiped out my plans of having a productive Saturday by leaving me with a day-long headache. It was a grim start to what turned out to be an excellent weekend of

drooling over my rockstar husband:
spreading the mooooooosetash love:

and chasing naughty pups out of my mom's raspberry patch:

Being bad is exhausting, yo.

It had its rough patches, sure, but I'm still calling this weekend a win. I mean, after Shawn's show we went for poutine. That alone makes my weekend awesome.



    oy, i'm sorry about the crappy start :-\ but hooray for hot husbands :-)

  2. Poutine is one of the reasons I'm happy being in this country :) Bad puppies!! I love how you have guilty-in-action shots!! And yay for being married to a rock star :)

  3. I think that it's rad that you can say that your husband is a rock star and it's the TRUTH.

  4. Dudette.

    Totally, and completely, BADASS.

  5. T was at the bar during the power outage. Better place than the skytrain, for sure. Poutine pretty much would make my week I think :)

  6. Seizure? Holy shiz I hope you're ok!

    But yay for having a great weekend! And I need to still try poutine.

  7. Sweetheart! That is a terrible way to start the weekend. It seems like the weekend made up for it, though. I love Stella doing the stealth berry nibble.

  8. Your hair is so cute. And I will continue to scare you with snakes until you FedEx me poutine. WANT.