Monday, 28 June 2010

Whatever This Is Oh Baby I've Had Enough

My attempt at a productive weekend was derailed by the giant bowl (I don't own a pitcher) of sangria I made Friday night. I'd not made sangria before; as it turns out, I make very yummy (very strong) sangria.

Sangria holds a special place in my family's history after one particular summer evening with a large amount of sangria-soaked fruit and my afraid-of-water mother and a midnight swimming experience. I should know better than to drink sangria during a weekend of Getting Things Accomplished is what I'm saying.

Friday night quickly morphed from earnest discussions with Shawn about the things we would get done and how to maximize our time, to earnest discussions about which cheese we should melt on top of the garlic bread we were having for dinner (not as a side dish, no. Garlic bread was the main, and only, course.)

And then it was Saturday morning and my head felt funny and my breath was stinky and my list had disappeared.

Without my list it was very easy to pretend that items like "scrub the little circle of rust off the bathroom tile" had actually been "make a giant batch of chocolate chip cookies" and "reduce the number of condiments on the fridge door by at least 50%" had been "eat an inappropriate number of chocolate chip cookies."

It was all fine until Sunday afternoon when I realized that, oh shit, I actually did have deadlines to meet and promises to fulfil. So I whipped out my textbook in an attempt to cross "finish Chapter 7 reading, lazyass!" off my list.

But Wolfgang's inability to see an empty lap without needing to fill it meant that my study time quickly became puppy nap time.

My weekend of epic productivity was more like a weekend of epic avoidance and denial (and chocolate chips.) I've got a 4-day weekend coming up (whoo Canada Day!) so hopefully the extra days will make my redo more successful.


  1. Any weekend that involves sangria and cookies is a win in my opinion.

    And aren't doggie-in-the-lap naps the best? My dog also takes every opportunity she can to make my lap into her bed. And I love it. Except when I have to get up and for some reason I contort my body in an effort not to disturb the dog but really, why am I even doing that? The dog can be disturbed.

  2. I've never tried Sangria! I know, what's wrong with me? And I love the Wolfgang shot. Rose Kitten is exactly the same way with empty laps. And piles of papers which need to be marked, which suddenly turn into the most attractive spot to sit ever. :)

  3. Sangria is heaven. I wish it was acceptable to have a pitcher on Monday morning.

  4. Sangria, chocolate chip cookies and puppy love not productive? I call that a win!!

  5. Wolfgang-homework looks waaaaay more snuggly!
    And yay for asking for Friday off!!!

  6. I have a four-day weekend too! I may need to make some sangria...

  7. Woohoo chocolate chips! And Sangria! And Canada Day long weekend!! :)

  8. Sangria and chocolate chip cookies - yes yes yes! Could you please come visit with your bowl?

    And Wolfgang looks very scholarly. I'm pretty sure he could help you pass any exam.

  9. I have a famous sangria incident, too. I went out to dinner with a girlfriend, had a couple glasses and got a whopping awful headache. Later that night, as I was talking to my then-boyfriend, I told him I couldn't understand why only two glasses hit me so hard. He said quite firmly, you're allergic to red wine; what on earth gave you the idea it was ok to drink sangria. Clearly, I didn't make the connection between sangria and what goes into it (other than all that cute floating fruit!). Sigh.

  10. A weekend of alcohol, cookies, and puppies? Sounds good to me!