Monday, 20 July 2009

Let Me Churn In Your Furnace Of Whirl

First things first: I've been Whoorled! Check it out and vote for your favourite hairstyle, if you please.

Moving on...

I had big plans for this past weekend. I was going to make raspberry jelly and raspberry pie and blueberry jam and blueberry buckle. I was going to organize the kitchen and teach the dogs the "drop it" command and wash all my "hand wash only" clothes. I was going to figure out Skype (no really, I am completely intimidated by Skype. I refuse to even look into it, which is silly, I know. So silly. And yet.)

I accomplished nothing.

And I'm not sorry.

I had a rough day at work on Friday. Patio-time was much needed. Shawn and I headed to a nearby restaurant and sat in the sun and ate and drank and chilled the eff out. It was awesome. He's had a crazy work schedule lately and his spare time has been eaten up by the studio, so it's been a long time since we had a chunk of time to spend together doing nothing.

The rest of the weekend was spent outside with the pups, taking advantage of the gorgeous weather; eating copious amounts of cheese and cupcakes at Cat's ladies' night; drinking far too much Saturday night and wanting to die Sunday morning; and driving around different areas of Vancouver with Shawn, deciding where our dream condo will be.

It was a great weekend but today is a bit ... grim. I'm not complaining about the weather, because I love summer and the sunshine we've been getting lately is fantastic, but it's almost too hot right now. I had a really bad sleep last night because the air was so stagnant. I refuse to admit that this a two-day hangover because that just makes me feel old.


  1. Voted! For option 2 that is.

    I say go and be lazy whenever possible during the summer. Just make sure it's out in the warm sun and blue skies.

  2. I like option two, but I like short hair.

    Weekend accomplishments are overrated and nice weather is fleeting.

    Skype made me all twitchy but then in Amsterdam Maude and Dan connected me so I could talk to Nick and it turns out to be super easy. And it's so fun to talk for free AND be able to see your friends.

  3. It's been hotter than balls down here in Seattle, too. And my fan exploded last night. *Single tear streaming down my cheek*

    I ate a large quantity of cupcakes and cheese this weekend, too. Delightful!

  4. I voted. Though I didn't think either choice was just right. I liked the fringe on the first choice with the length kinda like the second (only not as harsh ... maybe something a little softer).

    As far as your weekend goes, sometimes we just need to unplug from all responsibility and be. Hope you're feeling recharged this week.

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend.

    And you and Sarah together! Two of my friends meet!

    I love it when that happens.


  6. the weekend sounds quite lovely and relaxing and just what you needed. glad you enjoyed it!

  7. lazy weekends like that are absolutely NECESSARY every once in a while. doctors should be able to prescribe them.

    i voted! i chose long, but i do think you look lovely w/short, just not THAT short maybe? actually, reading the comments, i agree w/nilsa - that one's just too harsh, methinks.

  8. I agree with Nilsa - I like the sweep of the first one and the short of the second, but the second looked too harsh and blunt. But I'm a fan of longer hair. That's totally cool, though!!! Can't wait to see what you get!

  9. cheers for accomplishing nothing- we all need those times and WE ALL NEED SOME RELAXING CHILLOUT DAYS TOO!

  10. I voted!! :)

    And I agree with everyone else...sounds like a great weekend.

  11. That sounds like a perfect way to spend the weekend, berries or not. =)

    I voted for option one, I like the softer option. I have a really round face so the short hair keeps me looking in proportion- if I could have option one hair I would

    And therefore you should lol

  12. The lazy, unproductive days spent with loved ones are often the most precious. Enjoy them!

  13. At least you spent quality time together. When I shirk my "chores" it is usually because I wasted the day sleeping until dinner. That's depressing. But yet, so enjoyable.