Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Heatwave Humming In The House Of Cards

We are experiencing a heatwave here in BC. I'm trying to embrace the heat - I'm a summer person! I hate the cold! - but it's getting a bit ridiculous. Last night Shawn and I put a block of ice in front of the fan to make a DIY air-conditioner and in 40 minutes the ice had melted. Melted! In 40 minutes! It is hot.

For the last three days we have gorged ourselves on watermelon and frozen blueberries because it's too hot to cook. The puppies have been too hot to be mischievous; they just lie on the cool tile of the kitchen floor and pant. Sleeping has become difficult; we toss and turn and wake each other up to complain about the heat. I have looked forward to going to work to revel in the artificially frosty air. You know times are drastic when I say that I'm looking forward to going to work.

I went grocery shopping yesterday to spend some time in the freezer section. An announcement was made over the PA, reprimanding the asshat (the store employee didn't actually use the word asshat but it was implied) who left a puppy in a car in the parking lot. When I left, my car read 38 degrees Celsius (just over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.) I hope that poor puppy was rescued. I have many things to say about people who leave animals in hot cars but I don't have the energy to rant. We'll just file this under stabity stab stab and leave it at that.

The heat is going to last all week. Hold me (but actually don't hold me; it's too hot for contact.)

I want someone to remind me of this post in November when I'm complaining about the rain.


  1. It's really hot in LA, too! It's especially hot in my apartment. I have top aim a fan at my face in order to sleep at all.

  2. You know I'm feeling your pain down here in Seattle!

    Your "too hot for contact" part makes me giggle. I keep saying to my boyfriend "It's too hot for hands! It's too HOT FOR HANDS!" when he tries to hug me or touch me.

    It's supposed to get down into the 80s next week and I can't WAIT. This is too much.

  3. "I want someone to remind me of this post in November when I'm complaining about the rain."

    I said the same thing yesterday. GOD it's so frickin hot though! I moved to Portland because it was SUPPOSEDLY temperate. I am in such a fight with the weather. Hear that, weather? CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED.

  4. Ugh - I hear you on the stabbity stab of people who leave animals in vehicles in weather like this. I was on the ferry on Sunday, and there was an announcement about a puppy in distress. Everyone around me (and myself too) sent up a huge sigh and awww for the little puppy. Idiots.

    Hope you're able to stay relatively cool. It is nice to be inside an AC'd building all day, I agree!

  5. You are MORE THAN WELCOME to fly out east to Ottawa; we just finished a thunder&lightening storm complete with sideways rain. We've almost beat the all-time record for the rainiest month in Ottawa's history. And the forecast for the next 3 days is rain, rain & more rain. YIPPEEEEEEEE!

    And besides, you wimp, BC has no humidity in its heat. Come out East in a normal summer and then you can experience REAL heat - its like a wet blanket pressing down on you. ITS SO MUCH FUN!!
    (stabity stab stab)

    Also, for the record: why anyone actually LIVES here is BEYOND me.

  6. It's been 41 degrees in Kamloops with no dip on the horizon. Suddenly I get nudists (in theory).

  7. I think this heat wave is going around because the air here in the DC metro area is stifling.

    Make sure to take cold showers and stay under the cold water for as long as possible. Then once out, wear a bikini and do.not.move.

  8. so.. wait.. you don't have a/c? HOW? HOW DO YOU LIIIVE? i'm sort of a wimp about these things.

  9. I love that you are making stabbity stab stab happen.

    At the risk of making you hate me: we have central air at the new house and have not turned it on once. We have so much treecover that our place stays oddly comfortable.

  10. I feel so sad! Normally, I live vicariously through people who actually live in pleasant climates. It has regularly gotten up to 41 degrees Celsius this summer. NOT COOL.

    (Pardon the pun!)

  11. Oooh, hot! Is it high humidity? That makes it so hard to deal with. Very stabbity stab.

    Watermelon and frozen blueberries sound fantastic for dinner.

    In younger and more foolish days, we used to cut a hole in watermelon and then pour vodka in and let it soak. Very drunky watermelon eating while lounging in back yards on weekends. Now I think back and think, hmm, what a way to make watermelon less delicious.

  12. I hate summer and the heat; there's a reason I have an autumn-coloured leaf, and an ice-blue snowflake on my feets...and nothing representing spring or summer...

  13. oh, and by the way, how the heck to tell you're a true BCer - "I want someone to remind me of this post in November when I'm complaining about the RAIN."

    Anyone else not living on the west coast usually says snow, especially in November. I just thought that was funny. :)

  14. I was just telling Sizzle how weird I think it is that the Pacific NW is in the middle of Death Valley while Chicago is enjoying a very mild summer (usually we are the one melting - and that's with A/C). Sigh. Know we have a guest room for you and the puppies should you need to take an emergency vacation from BC.

  15. I hear you - I feel bad complaining but it's SO DAMN HOT.

  16. I LOVE THIS HEAT! But seriously not at night, ugh, the fans just blow hot air around!

    I hope those puppy owners go to hell. Makes me SO mad but I am SO glad that someone noticed and complained. I'm going to do that if I see it.

  17. I feel your pain. At least dogs can pant to cool themselves (somewhat) but still, what kind of asshole leaves their dog in the car on a hot day?! That shit makes me livid!

    I'm pretty certain I'll be installing a small doughboy pool in my living room.