Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Okay If I Wasn't An Actor I'd Be A Secret Agent

You won't find someone with a bigger heart - or a bigger laugh - than my friend Goldie Cook. She adopted me as her token Canadian when I was a lonely barmaid in a tiny village in England. She provided many laughs, a couch to sleep on, a shoulder to cry on, and one truly horrendous hangover (which included broken bones!) after the gongshow that was my going away party. Goldie will do anything for anyone and rarely asks for anything in return. Which is why when she does ask, I will do anything for her.


Goldie Cook is on a secret mission. You can help her win 20,000 pounds by:

friending her on Facebook

joining her Facebook group

following her on Twitter

watching her YouTube videos

Do any of these things and you will earn my undying love and affection. Promise.


  1. I did it but I don't understand it. At all.

  2. I don't understand it either. I think Cadbury is trying to be all "we're into social media! We're so young and hip!" I don't know.

  3. ok, am following her on twitter now! although even after being on that website i have absolutely no clue what is going on.

  4. Not really sure what this is, but I'm following her anyway.

  5. Ooh my god - i am sobbing into my keyboard - I LOVE YOU HILLS thats the sweetest thing EVER!!! thank youuuuu

    it seems no one (even my friends in the UK) quite understands what the hell Goldie Cook is all about - so let me tell you. 1)I have got down to the last 10 in a Cadburys cream egg twisted bar competition 2) the idea is that I become a secret agent and hunt down 'THE GOO ON THE LOOSE' 3)I have to YouTube and twitter my missions to find the clues up and down the country 4) THE WINNER GETS £20K 5) I Win points if I get in the press

    over and out - off to edit that last mission!!! wooohooo

    thanks for all your support xxx

    mwa mwa mwa

  6. I saw your Facebook recommendation and have been meaning to email you.

    Consider her added.