Friday, 5 December 2008

What Am I Supposed To Do When Life Gets Boring

Friday Faff: Bullet Points Edition

- I've not yet been successful in my attempt to break up with my rash.

- I've spent another $45 on prescriptions.

- I've been to the doctor twice this week.

- Shawn has managed to burn my non-rashy back skin by inadvertently getting the potent (useless) rash! killer! cream on more than just my rashy bits.

- the pills I am taking to get rid of the fungal infection that has infected my rash (I am so sexy, believe me I know) make me want to die.

- the pills are also preventing me from drinking alcohol, which wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that tomorrow is my company Christmas party and I've never been sober at a company Christmas party before (and don't really want to start now.)

- Wolfgang woke me up at 5am this morning and proceeded to take a human-sized crap. This is particularly disturbing when you consider that he weighs only 4lbs.

- I'm glad that NaBloPoMo is finished but I'm sad that some of my favourite bloggers have since disappeared. Over-Thinker, this means you.

- I would like to eat nothing but guacamole and lime-flavoured corn chips for dinner and have not yet come up with a compelling argument as to why I shouldn't.


  1. Those guacamole chips sound heavenly! I've gotten those from Superstore before, and hot damn are they ever delicious!

    I hope your rash and all of that go away soon - that has to be so incredibly frustrating. :(

    Happy Friday!

  2. there IS no reason not to eat chips and guac for dinner. and, uh, if there is, i was unaware of it last night right around dinner time.

    i'm sorry the rash is so evil :-(

  3. Yummy! Chips and guacamole. Now I want some.

    Stupid rash. I hope it goes away super soon.

  4. can't quit laughing about wolfgang..sorry...

  5. Hope everything is better! And i hope you didn't catch the rash from me. I heard my blog has been very contagious w/ all of its sicknesses lately.

  6. Come on, you know me--I blog myself into a temporary coma every other month :) But thank you for missing me!

    I'm with Jess--the human-sized-dog-poo is awesomely hilarious. I must confess that after I cleaned Abe & Fidge's litterbox (after 5 days), I weighed the stuff I removed and it ended up being double their combined weights. Ew and awesome. But mostly ew.

  7. How about I send you some quac from Mexico--since I'll be there next week.

  8. See, I'm thrilled NaBloPooPoo is over. Call me a pessimist. Call me the dissenter in the corner. But, I honestly hate November. Bloggers may choose to participate but then are forced to write something, anything. Even if it's bad. Even if it's meaningless. And while some of my favorite bloggers participate (and they are still my favorites), I really wish everyone wouldn't. There, I said it. You can begin hating me now.

  9. Isn't having another little puppy so much FUN!?

    captcha is dennarse, makes me larff

  10. I am so glad that NaBloPoMo is over. Everyone is posting at a normal speed again and I can actually keep up.

  11. You should be eating whatever you like, you're uncomfortable and damn it - guac will make it better!

    I hope this starts to clear up soon for you!