Friday, 12 December 2008

Nine To Five And Now It's Time For Me To Get Around

Friday Faff: Letters Edition

Dear People Who Left Comments Telling Me My Puppies Are Cute,
You rock! I think they're cute too. Even when I'm wiping sloppy poop off my lovely hardwood floor.
Bonus points to Mermanda for slipping in a Zoolander reference.
The One Who Is Not As Cute As The Puppies

Dear Fellow Womanizers,
Keep fighting the good fight!
Bonus points to pseudostoops for the Princess Bride reference.
The One Who Can't Get That Song Out Of Her Head

Dear Puppy Advice Givers,
Thank you! Also, I didn't mean to imply that every dog needs to be fed 3 times daily. Wolfgang is just so young that he does need his meals split up. He slept from midnight until 6am this morning and we didn't do anything differently yesterday, so who knows. Puppies are random. And frustrating. And I need to learn to roll with it.
Bonus points to Sentiment for being hilarious (Lou, you made me laugh out loud.)
The Well Rested One

Dear Tetley Iced White Tea + Blueberry,
I love you. Let's make babies.
Yours Forever,
I Know It's Not Healthy But I Don't Care

Dear Snowfall Warning,
Please be wrong.
Puts Up With Ridiculous Housing Market To Live Somewhere With No Snow

Dear Friday,
Well hello, lover. It's been too long. You've been on my mind all week; I can't believe you're finally here. You're looking good. Really good. In fact, you've never looked better.
Yours faithfully,
Hater of Monday


  1. I hear ya on hoping the snowfall warning is wrong. Urgh. There were a few flakes out here in Langley a little bit ago, but it's back to rain again. Woohoo! I hope it doesn't get any worse than that.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Doesn't it suck to get a Friday only once a week? If we could up it to three times, I'd be one happy camper!

  3. so here's MY womanizer story:

    jenna (my daughter, 7): mom, i know what a womanizer is!

    me (raised eyebrows): really? what is it??

    j: it's a (quick look in either direction...) LESBIAN!!!

    me: *snort* LMAO. a lesbian?!! who told you that?

    j: no one. (all proud) i just know.

    me: well, honey, sorry but you are wrong.

    j: what is it then?

    me: some dude who dates lots of girls but tells them all he only has eyes for THEM.

    j: well, that's not very nice.

    me: no. no it isn't.

  4. That's what I say to Friday every single week! Oh happy, happy Fridays. :)

  5. We have EIGHT INCHES of snow.


  6. I love the snow!!!! But not when I'm trying to pack up my car to move...and not when I'm driving the Coquihalla!

  7. Hope the snowfall warning was incorrect!

  8. Hi Hun buns,

    I am he who comes here.

  9. Sometimes tea is worth the calories! That's how I feel about my mcdonalds sweet tea :-)