Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Baby All I Want For Christmas Is You

It seems I've taken an unintentional blogging break and I have to say, I've enjoyed it. It's been a week now, of very minimal computer contact, and I'm getting a bit antsy. So here I am, trying to write a Christmas recap. Instead of writing about my family drama (this year's controversial topics: sesame seeds and adoption. Seriously) or Shawn's family drama (his dad was in town for Christmas Day which resulted in a bizarre competition between him and Shawn's mom for face time with the boys) I will instead leave you with Christmas-themed photos of my adorable pups. That way this recap will be more cuteness and less tears. I will say, though, that the performances by both my family and Shawn's family have further cemented my resolve to spend next Christmas abroad. Turtle, I so know you're with me on this one. 

So. The cuteness:

Wolfgang in my mom's reindeer planter

Bow gave my mom a giant teacup / planter for Christmas. How could we not put Wolfgang in it?

Stella with her Christmas present from Shawn's mom

A few things to note for the following sequence: 
- the santa hat was attached to Wolfgang by an elastic around his head.
- Stella didn't want to wear the santa hat, she wanted to eat the santa hat.
- as evil as Stella looks, she really does love Wolfgang. I think.


  1. Sorry to hear there was some family madness. But I'm guessing your adorable pups put lots of smiles on your face to make up for family craziness.

    They are so cute! Especially Wolfgang in the giant teacup. :)

  2. oog. this is why i'm happy that xmas in our house is limited to my mom, dad, me, and my sister. NO OUTSIDE DRAMA thankyoo.

    you have some very cute pups :-)

  3. How in the world did I miss the fact that you have a schnauzer puppy? They are only the most precious, adorable little creatures in the world. I love the name Wolfgang too.

    My family spewed it's own special brand of drama. I vote all bloggers go abroad next year for the holidays. Or we charter a giant cruise ship.

  4. Sorry about the family troubles, Might I recommend spending your Christmas in Germany...Its full of good beer and better people :-) And they love Canadians!!!

    Those dogs..adorable Seriously adorable.

  5. I am all for Christmas away next year. See you there :)

  6. I got a bike with a basket for Christmas. Clearly I had to put Jetta in the basket. I completely understand the need to put puppies in cute places (like the giant mug).

  7. Your puppies are so effin' cute! I married a Canadian from Vancouver & somehow came across your blog. I love reading about your BC adventures & am glad to know someone else who watches the Canucks on tv @ every possible chance. We are also dog lovers & can completely relate to treating them like children :)
    Try not to think too much about the family madness during the holidays...it seems to happen to all of us. It's like it brings out the craziness in everyone! Happy New Year!

  8. Oh my gosh - only with family would sesame seeds and adoption become an issue. Sheesh, hey?

    I find that quality puppy cuddle time can cancel that out pretty quickly - thankfully!

  9. I hear you on the crappy family holiday drama. I can't even write about mine because everyone involved reads my blog, which, SUCK. Next year we're going to do what WE want, and anyone who wants to start some drama can SUCK IT.

  10. I hate my family+holidays.
    Having parents who aren't together especially sucks at said holidays.

    I want your puppies, they are horribly adorable!

  11. Happy Christmas! Seriously, ABROAD. But take me with. Puhlease!! I'll leave C with Shawn and they can jam like the musicians they are and drink. We'll just go abroad and drink. Because we're fancy.

    Here's to 2009 and the loveliness that I simply know lies ahead for us both. xo

    P.S. Stella and WG can come abroad as well. Because they won't bring drama. Well, maybe Stella will, but just a little, but she'll also be our entertainment.

  12. Sorry about the holiday drama. I think many of us can relate... though for me Thanksgiving is usually the main attraction.

    Anyhow, I will have one Wolfgang latte. Thanks.

  13. Hey baby, how's it going.

    Family drama at Christmas can be so annoying.

    Your puppies are cuter than you are :)