Thursday, 29 November 2012

Milk Unleashed Giveaway

I'm writing this post for Milk Unleashed. In exchange for writing this post, I will be given a sample of the product. One lucky winner will receive a variety pack from Milk Unleashed.

I've never tried shelf safe milk before but we're big milk drinkers in our house. I'm interested in shelf safe milk for a few reasons: Grady doesn't drink milk yet but when we do introduce cow's milk, we will likely start with Baboo (shelf safe milk designed for toddlers to help transition from breastmilk or formula to regular milk.) Living in BC, we have an earthquake emergency kit with food and water to last us three days. Our kit currently has water and juice but I think I'll add some shelf safe milk (to drink with my stash of chocolate chip cookies.) Last but not least, I like the option of sending milk in Grady's lunchbox when he's old enough for school, instead of always sending juice.

To win a Milk Unleashed prize pack, check out the Milk Unleashed App and leave a comment with your tried and true on-the-go tip (bonus points if it's a toddler-aged tip.) (Just kidding, there's no bonus points.) Winner will be chosen randomly on December 5th. Contest is open to Canadians only.


  1. Shelf safe milk huh? I'm from "America's Dairyland" and we buy 4+ gallons a week, but I'd never considered something like this... We're big into wilderness camping and the thing I miss most while we're out and about is a tasty glass of milk... I'll have to give this stuff a try!

  2. Oh dear! I had not even THOUGHT of upgrading my earthquake kit to be baby friendly. What am I going to feed the baby? Canned beans? I've got lots of water, but you're right - non-fridge milk would be a great idea. As for on-the-go tips? My best one is dog poop bags. They are cheap, compact, and will save your butt if you need to dispose of a mess or wrap up some filthy or wet clothes to take home and wash later.

  3. I had the same giveaway on my blog. I was so interested to try this but alas, no one entered as it is only open to Canadians. My readership is mainly American even though I'm from Vancouver too. Oh well!