Sunday, 11 September 2011

Baby Baby Don't Be Late World Is Ending I Can't Change The Way I Feel About You Now - Part 2

When I woke up, Shawn had fallen asleep beside me. I felt huge and uncomfortable so I went outside and started doing laps around our courtyard. Very slow laps.

I woke Shawn up at 5:30 and told him we needed to go back to the hospital. I'd told Shawn to try to talk me out of going to the hospital too soon and bless his heart, he did try. Poor guy. The morphine had completely worn off by that point so I may have used a few firm words to indicate that perhaps we should head back to the hospital immediately.

So we did. By 7:00 I was admitted and was between 4 and 5 cm dilated.

Labour and delivery was very busy that night. I ended up in a bed on the ward, with only a curtain separating me from the labouring woman beside me. There were four of us in a row and I remember being so amused by the different sounds of our labours (until my labour got so intense that I was no longer laughing and was moaning and groaning along with my fellow labourers.)

For hours Shawn ran back and forth between me and the sink at the end of the ward, replenishing the cold compresses on my forehead and neck. The nurse would come every half an hour to check the baby's heart rate, my pulse, and my temperature but we were left on our own for most of the night. I had the gas by that point so whenever a contraction would hit, I'd smack the mask against my mouth (I'm surprised I didn't chip a tooth - the contractions would hit me so hard and so fast that I pretty much punched myself in the face with the gas mask every single time) and breathe my way through it.

I didn't want Shawn to tell our families that I was in labour too soon. I had visions of our parents showing up when I was 3cm dilated and camping out in the waiting room until their grandchild was born. I knew that I would feel pressured and anxious so we held off telling them until we needed someone to go look after the monsterpups. Shawn's mom came to the hospital but because we were still on the ward, she wasn't allowed to see me (thank you, 1 visitor at a time rule.) Shawn went out to the parking lot to give her our keys and it was at that precise time that a delivery room freed up for us. The nurse didn't want to wait for Shawn to get back so she made me shuffle through the halls to our room. It wasn't a long walk, distance-wise, but it felt like it took hours.

As difficult as it was, the walk was a positive thing. Gravity ramped up my labour with gusto. By 11:00pm, Shawn was back and the nurse was urging me into the shower to ease my labour pain.

Sir demands attention - part three to come.


  1. My husband and the midwife tried to get me to walk to my bed so she could check me and I was "FUCK THAT" because the five feet I would have to walk seemed insurmountable.

  2. god, I am going to be so incredibly bad at this if I ever get pregnant. What you're describing already sounds like more than I can handle, and I gather we're not even to the bad part yet.

  3. I agree with Alice! You're a champion. Labor terrifies me, and it seems like you've badassed your way through to 5cm.

  4. I'm so curious to hear more about your labour story! You're clearly completely bad ass, and it sounds like you totally rocked it :)

    Excited for part three!

  5. I agree 100% with your decision to hold off on calling the parents. I don't want to call ours too early either. Mine will be slackasses and not show up until the kid is probably four weeks old (which will make me feel horrible) and Peter's will be RIGHT THURR in 30 seconds hovering and generally being anxious and annoying (which will make me feel worse).

    Looking forward to part three :)

  6. By this point, you're just teasing us with these "to be continued" posts. I'm dying over here to hear more!!!! =)

  7. You are a SUPERSTAR for enduring such a long labor. Proud of you! xoxo