Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Mountain Tops Seem Nice From A Distance

Robin has moved out of her temporary accommodations and into her new home in London, quashing any hope I had of her hating England and returning to Vancouver. I'm happy that she's happy, of course, but I'm also (selfishly) sad.

Cat is leaving me in a month. She's not going as far as Robin but her new home is five hours away from me. I'm excited for her. I'm happy that she's embracing change and starting a new adventure. I'm also happy that she's moving to one of my favourite places to visit (dude, next summer? You are not going to be able to get rid of me. Sorry!) But again, I'm sad.

I've known Robin and Cat for over 15 years. A little distance doesn't change our history. They're my people. They know my secrets and my crazy and love me anyway. They're always in my heart. I just wish they were in my kitchen, drinking wine and eating cheese, whenever I wanted.

It's similar with blogging. I find amazing bloggers and form connections and bonds. Blog friends become real life friends, emails turn into handwritten notes, and I lament the fact that I live so far away from my Internet people. I want to meet my bloggy peeps at the pub for post-work beers or take our monsterpups on a furbaby double date to the local dog park. I want to introduce you all to poutine.

It's comforting, in a way, to know that I have a network of real life and bloggy friends spread out across the globe but it can be lonely too. It's hard not to feel left behind when the people closest to me are embarking on amazing adventures and the only thing I've done lately is take hilarious pictures of my dogs.

He does not love the snow. He'll just stay here under the covers until winter is over, thanks.


  1. Ladyfriend, I hear you. All my friends are discovering big changes and the biggest thing I've done lately is pick out new bedroom furniture/start by blog back up. I'm sorry to hear Cat is moving away, but by any chance is she coming somewhere close to Kamloops, which would enable you to meet up with bloggy friends here?

  2. i feel a virtual hug coming out of my arms into the keyborad, into the monitor... ooh now its flashing its way through the world wide web... can you feel it... can you???


  3. Yes, please live closer to me. Eat cheese in my kitchen. Please. Yes. OX.

  4. I know exactly how you feel. My two best friends live in California and Nevada and it's so hard to not see them for birthday and other big things (one got married and I couldn't afford to go).

    My other really great friends from the internet all live everywhere and it lonely when you want that face-to-face time with them but can't have it for obvious reasons.

    I don't really know where I was going with this other then to say I totally get where you are coming from and if I ever make it back to Vancouver I will totally go out drinking with you!

  5. Aww, I definitely relate to this. It's a bittersweet thing having a global extended network - I realised that when I was going through our guest list this week and I saw that so many of my closest friends and family aren't able to come to the wedding because they live in other parts of North America or somewhere over in Europe. But that's why I'm Skyping right before I head to the church (hello grandma!) and hiring great videographers so I can send it all across the Internet :)

  6. Meghan: Nope, not Kamloops. I haven't been to the 'loops in years! I should try a bloggy roadtrip :)

    Lou: I love you, lady! And miss you lot SO MUCH. One day the terrible trio will be reunited.

    Mermanda: Yes, please!

    Sarah: Yes, if you ever make it back to Vancouver we will definitely get together!

    Emily: The nice thing is that even though they won't physically be with you, you know that they're all sending their love and happy thoughts your way :)

  7. I always love hand-written notes, cards and gifts that arrive in the mail. I love sending them knowing that someone else will have the same reaction. But, I've gotta admit, there's a uniquely different and special feeling I get when I hear from bloggy friends via email, snail mail, over the phone and in person. It's a seriously special bond (ahem!).

  8. Yes. Yes! All of this, yes!

  9. It's comforting, in a way, to know that I have a network of real life and bloggy friends spread out across the globe but it can be lonely too. It's hard not to feel left behind when the people closest to me are embarking on amazing adventures and the only thing I've done lately is take hilarious pictures of my dogs.

    Lady, you took the words right out of my mouth. (Okay, but only if you switched "cat" for "dogs.")

  10. I definitely hear you on how odd it is to have close friends who live far away. I think that having standing skype dates can help a lot, but it's not the same and it's tough to manage. Just make sure you give yourself enough down time, and if you want more adventure I'm sure you guys can rustle some up locally together :)

  11. kitten you are making me cry. my amazing adventure is more of a what the eff did i sign up for.... i get more reluctant about it as time goes by. but there will be letters posted and gifty's sent and sleepovers set up for when we're in each other's towns. do not fret. love!

  12. Someday, we will meet, and we will eat lots of cheese and drink lots of wine and exchange lots and lots of hugs.

    My network of friends has been mostly scattered (nationally and globally) for about ten years now, and while I have more friends within 100 miles of me than I've had since I left California in the first place, there are still people I miss and people I never get to see and people I wish I could call up and meet with anytime. At least we have the internet that helps us stay in touch!

  13. So, wait. Let me get this straight. You don't live in my computer?

  14. Poutine! Or as they say here on the east coast of Canada, poo-tin.

    I feel the same way. All of my good, pub-crawling friends live very far away and while I have met some wonderful people here, none of them so far are dog-park-going, beer-sipping variety. And none of them show me such adorable photos of their dogs.

    The fact that you do the latter, makes you pretty amazing in my opinion.

  15. Ahhhh, it can be so tough! But it makes it so much better when you DO see them!

  16. Are you a Vancouver gal? I lived there for a year and most of my extended family lives there!
    Just popped onto your blog (although I swear it looks familiar and that I have been here before!!)
    Sad your friends are moving :( I am a living in a small town in Northern BC and I wish I had my closest girlfriends living here with me!! Boo on changes :(