Monday, 22 November 2010

Hurricane Rescued Me Salvaged Calamity

It snowed this weekend. Not a lot, mind you, but enough that I decided to hibernate. The monsterpups were fully supportive of my plan to hide under the covers until April.

I only lasted until Saturday evening, when the call of bloggers and my favourite pub became too strong to resist.
The monsterpups were not amused.

I morphed back into hibernation mode on Sunday after a rotten night's sleep on Saturday that included puppy vomit and a 2am wake up call from my inebriated husband that resulted in me driving into the dodgy part of Vancouver to pick up three rowdy drunks. (Which I can't complain about because they were very appreciative rowdy drunks.)

Life is uncertain right now. I'm grinning maniacally, then falling deep into despair and worry, only to launch myself back to glee, all in the space of a minute it seems. I am exhausted. Hibernation mode is the only thing keeping me sane. Curling up under the blankets, Stella on my toes and Wolfgang on my belly, whispering plans and ideas with Shawn, is the only thing that centres me after a day of dizzily tripping through life. I want time to slow down. I want clear answers and a game plan. I want hibernation mode to be the norm instead of a rare luxury that happens only when I ignore the pile of dirty laundry and the bathroom sink that is currently growing something fuzzy around the drain.


  1. Awww your pups are adorable!
    Dogs are always so cute when they're curled up into a bun and their noses get warm and dry.
    I'm on the same page as you with this hibernation thing. Screw winter, wake me up when the flowers are out in full bloom and the sun stays out longer than 8 hours a day.

  2. I love the puppies! Dogs are just too cute when they're sleeping!

  3. I'm in hibernation mode thanks to this virus, and I have to admit it has it perks.

    Hoping some certainty comes your way, lady.

  4. I'm thinking that hibernation sounds pretty good right now too. Especially with your cute little monster pups. Hope you get a breather soon to sort out life!

  5. I hate feeling like you can't breath because there is just SO MUCH going on around you.

    I hope you get that certainty you need and a lot less puppy barf.

  6. Hibernating is so much more fun with furry friends. It's your own doggy "re-charging" station.

    I hope you feel back to your usual self soon and until then I hope your snuggling companions stay warm.

  7. I think I bore my Facebook friends to tears with updates about how cute/silly/annoying/absorbing antics of my dog. I also think that's the same reason I love your blog. :-)

  8. I totally hear you on hibernation mode being such a needed thing! In the past few weeks I've just been in need of a lot of lying down and knitting to rest up! I hope that live stabilizes soon and that you get the time you need <3

  9. I always want clear answers and a gave plan. But that is rare.
    Though the dizzy, unknown has its excitement, too.