Sunday, 26 September 2010

In The Dark Of The Night In The Hotel When You're Alone In The Middle Of The City Where Nobody Cares To Know

On Monday we left the murder hotel and checked into the wedding hotel (the MGM.) We sprang for the spa suite which was awesome because it was a fabulous room but bad because when we got home we were all "where is our king-sized bed? where is the jacuzzi? where is the man that brings us turkey sandwiches at 4am when we press '0'?"

Monday night was the bachelorette party. The planning of the bachelorette party was stressful but it was a great night. It kind of falls under the "blogging someone else's story" category though so I'll leave you with a picture of Cat and I doing our best to look glamorous.

Tuesday morning was rough. Shawn and I hit the MGM buffet and decided that we never wanted to leave. Pasta, sushi, a taco bar, a sundae bar - it was insane. We ate our way into a food coma and then slept until the rehearsal dinner.

The rehearsal dinner was held at the Hofbrauhaus. It was a lot of fun but I was feeling a tad too fragile to fully partake in the evening's activities. Shawn rallied but even still only ordered the half-litre instead of the litre of beer.

Tuesday was an early night. The live band and abundance of sausage and lederhosen-clad staff were an overwhelming combination for my booze-addled brain. Shawn and I went back to the hotel early so we'd be well-rested for the wedding on Wednesday.


  1. Ooh.. the buffets in Vegas are amazing! ;)

  2. Sundae bar?? Yes please! :)

  3. You two most definitely look glam! A boa can dress up any outfit, really. I'd like to bring it back as a regular accessory, but I'm unsure as to where to begin.

  4. I love the photos of you two ladies! Awesome.

  5. how did i not know there was a hoffbrau haus in vegas?? that's def on the list for next time.

    i LOVE that pic of you two ladies :)

  6. love that bachelorette pic! so fun and so cute. and i've learned that vegas can definitely take a toll on your liver, haha.