Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Lost In The Music All The Foolishness Of Our Lives Speeding Out Of Control

Hypothetically speaking, if one were tasked with creating a fabulous playlist for various wedding-related activities (not actual wedding activities - just peripheral stuff like the bachelorette party and limo rides and getting ready before the ceremony) for a dear friend (who reads this blog - Cat, avert your eyes!), which songs should be included?

All suggestions are much appreciated; one is feeling a bit overwhelmed (and extra douchey, as evidenced by one's refusal to refer to oneself in first person.)


  1. Sounds like you need a playlist to get people pumped up to party, so I'd be going with tracks from my workout playlist and/or retro stuff from the 80's just because it's fun. Journey? Rihanna? And... I'm ashamed I'm about to suggest this but she's my guilty pleasure because she's just so FUN even if she's clearly trashy... Ke$ha? I guess it depends on the genres you like. I'm clearly partial to crappy top 40's radio. Don't judge.

  2. I'm no help - I need advice for my own! :)

  3. The song, "This Is How We Do It" - I think it's by Montell Jordan? From around '95.

  4. to make you seem psychotic and anti-wedding: No Children -Mountain Goats (but it's zippy!). then to contrast that the sweetest song ever: Papa Was a Rodeo -Magnetic Fields. And you really can't go wrong with Arctic Monkeys (You know that you look good on the dance floor...). good luck, dude!

  5. I suck at music suggestions! Um...the Glee soundtrack?

  6. i always go for cheesy in this sort of situation: 80s hair bands; kelly clarkson; christina aguilera, etc...

  7. I was totally going to say the Glee soundtrack :) I've got lots of fun Britpop/new new wave type stuff that always gets people in a good mood - let me know and I can make you an mp3 disc :)

  8. Your Love-Outfield
    Telephone-Lady Gaga
    Like a Prayer- Madonna
    Just Dance-Lady Gaga
    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    Another One Bites the Dust-Queen
    Crazy in Love-Beyonce
    Friday Night-Girl Talk
    Maneater- Nelly Furtado
    White Wedding-Billy Idol
    SexyBack-Justin Timberlake

    That's all I have....I don't have the best taste in music, but it could work for a Stagette. Good luck!

  9. lol. i love you hills. meghan has some excellent suggestions, and the glee soundtrack is also a secret love of mine.
    can you put a little michael franti on too? the latest song on the radio makes me wanna shimmy-shake. love.

  10. I totally have a playlist called Bachelorette Delight. It features ABBA, Al Green, Justin Timberlake, Donovan, Kool and the Gang, Sister Sledge, The Who and Nancy Sinatra.

    I think the key is upbeat fairly well-known songs.

  11. I'll add in some Kylie Minoque and Cut Copy. And lots of 80s tunes. "Sledgehammer" anyone?

  12. Silly stuff from when we were younger like "California Love," "Ignition," and "Faded." Then goofy and sappy girl songs from more recent times like that STUPID but addictive Kesha song "Tik Tok," "Love Song" by Taylor Swift, etc. Just light songs to keep the mood fun and happy!