Thursday, 1 April 2010

Glaciers Melting In The Dead Of Night And The Superstars Sucked Into The Supermassive Supermassive Black Hole

I have been feeling blue all week. It takes a lot of energy to feel sorry for oneself for consecutive days, I have discovered. This morning I woke up and just ... couldn't do it. I couldn't maintain the funk. I'm not a morning person - at all - but I felt almost cheery as I got ready for work. The idiot puppies helped, of course. They fucking vibrate with exuberance every single morning. It's like they weren't sure that we were going to wake up and the fact that we did wake up and fed them breakfast is cause for major celebration.

My new necklace also helped my mood. I mean, look at it:

It's a moosetash!

Nilsa brought it to my attention last week after Christyn added it to her shop. I had an awesome etsy experience with Bead Up (I would just like to clarify that Bead Up was not the etsy seller causing me unnecessary angst) and I fully recommend you check out her other items. Or you could all buy mooooostash necklaces and we can form some sort of mooosetash mafia. Let's do this.

Also contributing to my awesome mood? Tonight is the Muse concert. I have loved Muse for a long time but have never managed to see them live. To say that I am ridiculously excited is an understatement.

And to top off my day of awesomeness, tomorrow is a stat holiday so today is my Friday, which means that I get to pick a winner of the mooooosetash cupcake toppers today (spreading the mustache love brings me great joy.) This winner is .... (trying to figure out how to screen grab my results from on a fucking PC ... not happening) Katelin!

Happy Thursday, peeps! I hope everyone has a fabulous 3-day weekend (and if you are one of the lucky ones who gets a 4-day weekend, I hope it rains where you live. Sorry!)


  1. ADORABLE moosetach neckalce! (i'm also a huge fan of christyn's shop, yay!)

    your lips are so very pretty in those shots! sorry if that's sort of a creepster thing to say, but.. darn it, they are.

    also, i just have a regular old 2 day weekend, WHAT THE HECK.

  2. You REALLY want it to rain where I live? ... Because I live where YOU live! :P

  3. I have reports that MUSE is FECKING AWESOME so, there's that.

    You are going to have an absolute fab time!

    I love that necklace!

  4. I *love* the mustache necklace!

  5. Super adorable necklace. Have a blast tonight!

  6. Hahaha. That was funny ... rain where you live.... Funny. I only get a two day weekend so I must be safe.

    Is your wedding ring on your right hand?

  7. You KNOW Kerri's going to want that necklace!

    I get a...wait for it...ONE day weekend. Please do be wishing for sunshine in my direction.

  8. When you're partially unemployed, Good Friday just means your Catholic grandma is going to berate you for eating meat.

    I wish I had a day off. From feeling poor.

  9. Yeah...two day weekend for me. FU "senior" management. Me and my assistant management-ness will just go and take myself a nice four-day weekend next week, thankyouverymuch.
    Not that I'm bitter about my work situation or anything, no siree Bob!

  10. have so much fun at the concert, i love both songs they have on the twilight soundtracks. and yaaaay for the cupcake toppers, i will so be using those for my birthday in a couple weeks! :)

  11. Awesome necklace - and OH SO jealous that you're seeing Muse tonight! Silver sun pickups opening too! Ah! Did I say? SO jealous!
    (random, but I love your wedding/engagement rings!)

  12. I am SO JEALOUS you get to go to the Muse concert!! Wembley 2007 still remains one of the best moments of my entire LIFE. Please post about it when you get back!!

  13. And I'm only now getting around to seeing this post!? Thanks for the shout-out and more importantly, so glad that necklace is bringing happiness to you! I second Alice's comment - you have perfect lips!