Thursday, 11 April 2013


I seem to only be posting here when I'm down. I've been down a lot lately but there have been some really great ups too. Grady is hilarious right now. We spend a lot of time laughing together. Today I made him laugh so hard that he literally fell over. It was the best I've felt all week.

I'm kind of stuck in limbo while I wait for my surgery. I know (now) that it's silly to put my life on hold and not make any big plans until after I have my surgery, but I'm still finding it difficult to commit to anything. So I'm starting small. I won't plan our (August) anniversary trip yet but I will plan Shawn's (May) birthday dinner. I ordered the official Game of Thrones cookbook and I plan to make a feast to celebrate. I also ordered the books so I can read them and actually know what they're all about. Shawn is obsessed with the show. It takes a lot to get him excited about television so I'm trying to keep an open mind. I haven't watched any episodes yet because bone-crunchy noises make me physically ill (I have the weakest gore tolerance) but I reckon if I read the books I will be able to talk nerdy to Shawn and it will make him happy.

I'm trying to focus on the ups to stave off the downs. It helps that I'm surrounded by really good people. And chocolate shakes.


  1. I generally have a no gore policy when it comes to TV and movies, but Game of Thrones is SOOOO good! A totaly "guy" show on the surface, but it is really well written and so easy to get sucked in to - even despite the gore. I definitely recommend it! I even rewatched the first 2 seasons before the 3rd one started. Plus, John Snow and Robb Stark are hot so there's that.

  2. Game of Thrones cookbook?! I need this in my life immediately.

    The books are awesome. They are extremely dense and not the kind of books that you can read a few pages here and there. I have to schedule time to read big chunks all at once because there are so many damn characters and crazy names and weird places and it gets difficult to keep track of them all. But oh my goodness, they're really fun.

  3. I still cannot get over that picture. The concentration! It's so adorable.

    I've been wanting to check out the Game of Thrones books, I can't watch the TV show because it's not on Netflix (and I don't have cable) and can't buy/rent them at the moment. But one of my good friends is OBSESSED with the show. You'll have to let us know how you are liking (or if you are) the books.

    Can I just say that it's awesome that you trying to focus on the positives? That's my whole goal with my Things I Love posts because I've noticed I've just been super sad since school ended and I'm trying to remind myself that my life doesn't suck. So it's really awesome to see you saying that even though, yes some things are suck right now, you have some great things going on. It makes me happy.