Sunday, 24 March 2013


I'm trying to be a better meal planner but I'm lacking in motivation. Shawn hates cooking so he's happy to eat whatever is put in front of him - whether it's a healthy, well-balanced meal or dirty takeout burgers. I'm hoping posting my meal plan will give me a modicum of accountability.

So! This is what we're eating this week:

Monday - crockpot stew (I have a really busy day tomorrow so I've already prepped my meat and veg to go into the crockpot tomorrow morning with a bottle of beer and some barley.) Served with roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes and maybe a green salad if I can be arsed to wash my lettuce.

Tuesday - tacos (because I can't stop thinking about tacos ever since it was suggested to me and I have some beautiful avocados that should be perfectly ripe for guacamole by then.)

Wednesday - leftovers

Thursday - something veggie because beef three days in a row is unusual and meat-heavy for us. Does anyone have any lighter suggestions? It doesn't have to be vegetarian, just pro-veggie. And Shawn won't eat tofu.

Friday - I think we're going to roadtrip out to Shawn's Dad's house because Shawn has the day off work so I'm not planning a Friday meal. If we do end up eating at home we can throw together a quick pizza or make grilled cheese sandwiches.

What are you eating this week?


  1. Cooking for one is very different and I love cooking about as much as Shawn does, so I've only planned for laksa, pasta with tomato-based sauce (from a jar) rocket and fetta, and poached eggs on toast. My brain can't come up with much more than that. You're doing so well, planning ahead! xx

  2. I love meal planning and I'm in withdrawal this week because I'm moving on the weekend and all my cooking stuff is packed. Sigh. So my week looks like a lot of takeout and frozen pizza which is awesome for my waistline.

    But I can plan your Thursday meal for you! I say either minestrone soup or ratatouille with crusty bread, or this recipe from Eat Live Run that I've made and adapted about 5 times and still really like it: It's good if you use chicken broth instead of veg, dried herbs instead of fresh, and it's good with whatever grain you like, doesn't have to be lentils. I make it often with quinoa and once with barley. I also tend to sub a generous squirt of sriracha sauce in place of the serrano pepper because that's easier and tastes really good!

  3. Tonight: Beef tacos
    Tomorrow: Roast chicken with salad, etc.
    Wednesday: Salmon, with green beans and mushrooms
    Thursday: Homemade burgers and (not homemade) hot dogs with sweet potatoe fries
    Friday: Homemade pizza, honey-garlic wings, and spinach and artichoke dip

    Now I'm hungry. :)

  4. tonight: buffalo chicken quinoa salad (Pinterest experiment, looks delicious)
    tomorrow: out with friends for dinner. So...probably a bottle of wine
    Thursday: tomato soup and grilled cheese
    Friday: thin crust pizza and salad

    Then it's Easter weekend and we will eat EVERYTHING.

  5. Mon: Tacos w/shredded chicken
    Tues: going out for sushi with friends
    Wed: sauteed shrimp, spinach, broccoli over rice
    Thurs: cashew chicken with broccoli and coconut rice
    Fri: leftovers/eat out

  6. I say you fill Thursday in with this ridiculously easy and yummy potato leek soup: :)