Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I Whip My Hair Back And Forth - Updated

I got a haircut fairly early in my pregnancy. And then I swore off haircuts completely because of all the smells. So many smells. By the time strong smells didn't make me want to die, I was too huge to enjoy a good shampoo / cut / dry so I decided to put it off until after the baby was born. Which, haha, was 16 weeks ago.

So! Today! Today I am getting a haircut. I just ... don't know what to do with my hair. It's likely been a year since my last cut. I have split ends like you wouldn't believe. I'm losing clumps of hair daily because it's not enough that having a baby made me flabby and insane, I'm also going bald. (Okay, not really bald. I'm told that the hair will stop falling out at such an alarming rate. I remain skeptical.)

I tried taking a picture to show you guys but the results were grim. Too grim to post on the internet. I feel bad enough about myself already, okay? So instead, I give you this:

This is childless, mortgage-less me. The me who used to spend $175 every three months getting highlights and low-lights and a stylish cut. The me who used to be 20lbs lighter than my current weight. The me who is actually in Mexico in this photo. So. Fuck that me. Right? But! That me has hair that is about the same length as the current me. (Though current me has hair that is much, much darker after a home-dye-job incident.)

So tell me - what would you do with my hair? I need to keep it long enough to pull up in a ponytail because Sir is a puller. I'm adverse to bangs because of the upkeep (I'm not going to lie - some days I'm working with third day hair.) And I need to keep it fairly simple because I'm not going to a fancy salon; I'm going to a neighbourhood joint that had a groupon this week ($20 haircut! What can go wrong?!)

*** Updated ***

Thanks for your comments / ideas! I really wanted to go with a bob but I've got partially grown out bangs to contend with. We chopped five inches off the bottom and layered it around my face to blend in the bangs. I'm really happy with it (I say on day one - talk to me after I wash it and attempt to get it this straight again.)


  1. I think you could pull off just about any hair, but I could see a shoulder-length bob (and I love the color you have in your sidebar photo).

  2. I think you would look awesome with a longer layered bob similar to this: http://cn1.kaboodle.com/hi/img/2/0/0/fe/b/AAAAAk0Kt8kAAAAAAP64Dw.jpg?v=1210198059000

    Long enough to pull it into a ponytail, but short enough for it to me manageable. Make sure you post after pics!

  3. okay so, i've been reading for AWHILE but never commented until now because - i'm right there with you (although about 8 months ahead as little EBN turned one this weekend). the hair will stop falling out although i was sure i was the exception and that it would never stop and i would be a truly bald mother on the playground. gross. i have never swiffered so much in my life. i finally got my hair cut at about the 6 month mark (give or take a month) and found that layers really helped (and i'm not really a layers kind of girl). my hair person (who is a genius) also suggested longer layers in the front to frame my face as i was losing a LOT of hair around my hair line and this (sorta) hid the damage. good luck! and a found more than anything - wine helped :)

  4. Long Layers, and tell them you just want to look pretty.
    Strangely enough I did this twice at Groupon cuts (ahem... $20 over $75? I'll take that ANY day!) and I did - long layers that framed my face. I felt pretty when I left. I think you're needing to feel that way (ps, you are pretty!)
    Post pics after...

  5. Lovely photo! But that's beside the point.

    I agree - go with a Bob, chin-length. You should still be able to pull it back and it doesn't take as long to blow dry. When my hair is shoulder length it starts to flip out - if yours doesn't, that would be a pretty length on you. You're beautiful, enjoy the salon!

  6. If you want to keep it a length you can still pull into a pony tail, how about chopping 1-2 inches off? Think low maintenance chic. If you already have dark locks, maybe just pull in some highlights a few shades lighter than it is now? You've got a great face and long neck so going a bit shorter will showcase it.

    I'm sure you'll look lovely whatever you do!

  7. Layers, girl, LAYERS.

    I was "meh" on them for a while, but one of my girlfriends convinced me - and it's been flawless. Even if you don't have time to DO it, it can still dry nicely (at least on my head - where my hair is so think, that if I even THINK of air-drying it is flat from the weight). Low. Maintenance. And I can still pull it in a pony.

  8. i just got mine chopped to just brushing my shoulders. still long enough to pull back / twist up but AAHHHH FEEELS SO NIIIIIIICE without all that hair!

  9. I don't know what you should do with your hair BUT don't discount bangs because of the upkeep! I have a full on, blunt fringe and wash my hair once a week. It's great. Soon enough your hair gets used to being washed infrequently but in the meantime - Klorane dry shampoo. That stuff is amazing. I feel like I'm in an infomercial, sorry! But I hope you're feeling a bit better, and if not, soon. xx

  10. Oh, my gosh—LOVE what you ended up with! I think that's exactly what I would have recommended, actually. Looking gorgeous, miss.


  11. I love it! You look beautiful! And yes, your hair will stop falling out. Fret not!

  12. Wow - I love the new hair! So very pretty!