Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Everyday You've Got To Open Your Eyes

It kind of figures that the day you have to ask your doctor if you're leaking amniotic fluid or if you've just peed yourself, is the day that your regular doctor is away and Dr. Beautiful is her replacement.

My water? Remains unbroken. So. That was fun.

(Also? Dr. Beautiful is suddenly less pretty in my eyes after he compared Willie's head to a bowling ball.)


  1. Are you STILL pregnant? Is there any more annoying question I could possibly ask?

  2. OMG, too funny!
    did you plug your ears and yell: lalalalalalalalala when he said that? Perhaps he could have remained beautiful ;)
    Eye candy is good.
    Eye candy comparing a head to a Bowling ball is not.

  3. Yeah doctors should not be allowed to say "bowling ball" anywhere near a pregnant lady.

    At least it wasn't said while you were delivering ;-).

    Jane is only 4 months and it seems like forever ago we had her...she's such a fun little person now, I'm so excited for you!

  4. I'm here to tell you that the leakage continues after kids, especially when doing high-impact activities.

    Wait. That wasn't encouraging.


    Can't wait to meet Willie in August!!

  5. Willie will be at least a billion times cuter than a bowling ball. OX!

  6. Isn't his head being compared to a bowling ball a good thing - indicating that it is round and not soft and squishy?

    Also, you're pregnant? You're so freakishly thin.

  7. You scared me for a minute (probably scared yourself for more than a minute) ... because when I had that sensation? My water had broke and it was the beginning of ... something wonderfully beautiful. Glad to hear you get to incubate a bit longer, though.

  8. Bowling ball? Who does that?

    Glad you only peed yourself. What?

  9. i guess a bowling ball is better than a watermelon? right? maybe? i'm not helping. YOU'RE SO PRETTYYYYY :)

  10. At least he didn't compare his head to a bowling pin.

    It's all about silver linings over here.