Thursday, 24 January 2013


I am so bad at this waiting game. They told me it would be one to two weeks before I got my results so I have no reason to be impatient (tomorrow will be one week since my biopsy) but impatient I am. I'm trying to keep busy but my crazy is out in full force.

Things I have done / am planning to do to keep myself off Dr. Google:

Over on Snugabell I'm talking about losing weight while breastfeeding.

On Style Lush I'm admitting my love for hipster music. What are you currently listening to? We just got this newfangled Sonos contraption that lets me listen to any music I want without having to buy the album (I live in Canada, the land void of Spotify and Pandora.)

On Food Lush I detailed my fruit leather experiment (it's possible I have too much time on my hands.)

I saw Les Miserables with a girlfriend (and oh, how glad was I that I didn't force Shawn to go with me? He would have capital-H Hated it so hard.) I know musicals aren't for everyone but I can't stop recommending this movie. It was so well done and beautiful and I audibly sobbed through half of it.

I gave in and watched the Season 2 finale of Sherlock (I was saving it for a special occasion because Season 3 doesn't start for approximately 37 years.) And then I rewatched it. I have so many thoughts, you guys. SO MANY. I won't talk about them here because I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched the series yet (WHY HAVEN'T YOU WATCHED IT YET? IT'S SO GOOD. JENNIE) but I am totally down with discussing via email.

Cooked - and eaten - a lot of comfort food. Steel cut oats, hamburger soup, chicken curry, mac & cheese - if it's hot and tasty I've eaten it. I have probably gained five pounds already this week. I have big plans to bake an apple pie with cheddar cheese topping this weekend so next week doesn't look good for my January diet either. I cannot be arsed to watch my food intake this week. Or next week, apparently.

I'm taking Grady in for his 18-month checkup on Monday (how is my baby a year and a half already?) and I plan to subtly pressure my doctor into calling the hospital to check for my results if I don't hear anything tomorrow. I just need to know. One way or the other. This limbo is driving me nuts.

Comfort Poutine. I will not be shamed by this.


  1. I gained wait while waiting for my results too. I ate a lot of donuts. :-) I truly hope you get answers soon and they are the ones you want. I don't think there is anything wrong with following up after a week!

  2. Loved, loved, loved Les Miz. They really did a fantastic job with whole thing. Jackson's 18 month appointment is tomorrow. Can't believe he is that big now!

  3. I agree that following up after a week is completely justified. When I had three lumps removed from my breasts, I was promised a call back quite quickly once they knew the results. I sat on pins and needles for two days, while the word CANCER kept running through my brain, and finally gave up and called the doctor. Turns out? They forgot to call me to tell me everything was fine. ::eye roll::

  4. I love Sherlock! But since I don't have cable I have to wait for them to come to Netflix which takes forever.

    I hope you get some answers soon! Waiting is the worst. I've been waiting on medical news of my own and it's seriously the worst. In non-related news I think I have eaten my weight in chocolate.

  5. Here's to news, SOON. And HOW is Grady 18 months already? HOW?

  6. Oh, that Sherlock finale! I saw it on a BA flight on our way back from London in the spring, and was all !!!!! I hadn't seen the 1st two eps, and had to bite my tongue SO HARD so as not to spoil Dave while he waited for the shows to broadcast in Canada. Feel free to email me!