Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Step Into My Kitchen We Will Cook Away Your Fears

Yesterday Britt tweeted this recipe for beans and rice and then I thought of nothing else for 24 hours.

I didn't go into the office today. I worked from home because I've managed to come down with the throat rabies of doom again (I blame it on Grady's teeth. There is no sleep. I am a zombie.) I still worked, though, and in an effort to acclimatize Grady to Shawn being his primary caregiver (oh I am so clenchy writing that) I made myself as unavailable as possible. Which means that I had both the need for some cooking therapy and the time (and arms!) to carry it out.

I strayed far from the recipe but the result was fantastic. First I cooked up a small red onion (small dice) in a little olive oil. Then I threw in two chorizo sausages (chopped into small pieces) and let that cook up while I chopped the other vegetables. Two medium carrots, one large green bell pepper, two large jalapeno peppers (small dice) and two large garlic cloves (minced) all went into the pot. I let that cook away for about five minutes and then added two heaping tablespoons of tomato paste and two tablespoons of red wine vinegar. Next I added a cup of (dry) quinoa, four cups of vegetable stock, and one can of well-rinsed black beans. I didn't add any salt but it could have used a little because my stock wasn't very salty. I brought the mixture to a boil and then put a lid on the pot and turned the heat down to a simmer. Twenty-five minutes later it was ready for a simple topping of spring onions.

Very yummy! I know it's not exactly diet food because of the chorizo but I'm still calling it healthy because of the vegetables, quinoa, and beans.


  1. Yay! Glad it was delicious. It's one of my favourites. We usually add extra veg too.

  2. sounds healthy. needs cheese ;-)

  3. lol I second what Alice said :)
    Looks delish! And like you could make a ton of it and keep extras for awesome food in a flash. Love it!

  4. That sounds so so good. I'm getting that itchy feeling that I want to try my hand at cooking.