Thursday, 6 December 2007

Insanity Laughs Under Pressure We're Cracking

Last week we had hot water. This week? We do not. At least we haven't lost the electricity. Yet. (We are spoiled, I know.) Something is wrong with our shiny new hot water tank. It keeps randomly tripping the breaker so we lose our hot water capabilities. We never actually notice until someone wants to take a shower though. It does not make for a happy household. We've owned the condo for 3 weeks and we've been through 2 hot water tanks. It's getting a bit ridiculous.

Also ridiculous is the phone call I got yesterday from a collections agent. It turns out that there was a lien on our condo and our lawyer missed it during the title search. I know, right? That's the point of the lawyer - to deal with the legal stuff. To say that I'm stressed would be putting it mildly. Hopefully it will all be sorted out today - it's our lawyer's mistake so (in theory) he should take care of it.

To top off my completely random post, on the skytrain this morning I was sitting next to a woman who was breaking up with her boyfriend (on the phone.) She was getting really agitated and it was really awkward and boring until she busted out this little gem:
"Yeah, well you can chuckle your way to Lonely Town."
Pure Genius.

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